My blog is back!

1 minute read

It has been quite some time since my old wordpress website existed in web. I let it go and eventually it just died. Since then I’ve gotten back into hobbyist game development and thought I should make another website to showcase any of my personal work or just rant a little. My first thought was to boot up my old site but that was quickly dismissed. It was a mess! And not even version controlled! 😲 That was a long time ago… or at least it seems so.

Instead I decided to start fresh and try to do things right. I had a lot of fun deciding which platform/framework to use. It turns out there are tons of alternatives other than WordPress/Joomla/Drupal. The bloat and the unnecessary features were too much for me. Do I really need a full fledged server? Where would I host that? Static Websites comes to the rescue! All of my content is static (for now). Plus if I need server side functionality I can play with serverless functions. Did I mention it’s also free? Thanks to Netlify. There is also Github Pages, Gitlab Pages, Firebase, and much much more.

Now that I have a website again I’ll be able to post any of my work or talk about any technical difficulties I’ve overcome. Until next time!

echo "Good night World."